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M-25 제육돌솥/Jeyuk Dolsot

辣豬肉石鍋拌飯/Hot stone rice bowl with stir fried spicy pork and vegetables

M-26 낙지돌솥/Nakji Dolsot

蟑魚石鍋拌飯/Hot stone rice bowl with stir fried spicy octopus and vegetables

M-27 갈비돌솥/Galbi Dolsot

牛排石鍋拌飯/Hot stone rice bowl with galbi (short ribs) and vegetables

M-28 불고기돌솥/Bulgogi Dolsot

石鋼牛肉/Hot stone rice bowl with bulgogi and vegetables

M-29 해물돌솥/Haemul Dolsot

海鮮石鍋拌飯/Hot stone rice bowl with seafood and vegetables

M-33 아귀매운탕/Agwi Maeuntang

鮫鯨魚辣湯/Spicy monkfish stew with vegetables and tofu

M-34 보양탕/Boyangtang

羊肉湯/Spicy lamb stew with perilla leaves and vegetables

M-35 감자탕/Gamjatang

豬排土豆湯/Spicy pork backbone stew with potatoes