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M-13 떡만두국/Tteok Mandu Guk

年糕餃子湯/Homemade beef dumpling and rice cake soup with vegetables

M-14 된장찌개/Doenjang Jjigae

醬湯/Fermented soybean paste stew with seafood, tofu and vegetables

M-16 생태찌개/Saengtae Jjigae

鮮明太魚湯/Spicy pollock stew with vegetables and tofu

M-19 닭볶음탕/Dak Bokkeum Tang

燉雞湯/Boiled chunks of chicken with vegetables and spices

M-20 비빔밥/Bibimbap

拌饭/Rice mixed with vegetables, meat, an egg and chili pepper paste

M-23 열무보리밥/Yeolmu Boribap

小蘿蔔泡菜麥飯/Barely rice bowl with young radish water kimchi

M-24 오징어돌솥/Ojingeo Dolsot

魷魚石鍋拌飯/Hot stone rice bowl with stir fried spicy squid and vegetables